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  •      Poultry/chicken/duck/bird
  •      swine/pig/hog
  •      Cattle/cow/equine/horse
  •      Sheep/goat/rabbit
  •      Other veterinary equpipment and tools
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  • Products  
    • A type chicken cagesA type chicken cages
        Package:Full container loading:cage and cage frame are no package,some fittings are in plastic bags and carton box Less container loading: packed in wooden box and pallet

    • water filter machinewater filter machine
      Water filter machine Material : PP engineering material Size : big size ,media size ,small size Use : For chicken ,duck ,rabbit etc nipple drinker line.

    • chicken incubatorchicken incubator
      Chicken incubator
      Mini incubator
      Mini eggs incubator with eggs from 8 eggs to 112 eggs or as request.

    • chicken transport cagechicken transport cage
      Name:big chicken transport cage
      Size and weight:90x60x27cm,7.5kg ,capacity is 15-20 chicken
      77x55x27cm,6kg,capacity is 10-12 chicken
      77x55x27cm,5.8kg ,capacity is 10 -12chicken
      75x55x27cm,4kg,capacity is 10 chicken

    • chicken glasseschicken glasses
      Chicken glasses
      Chicken glasses is a kind of can prevent the breeding chickens to fight each other, pecking, anus without affecting the normal chicken to gather the food, drinking water, special glasses.
      prevent a flight between chickens , survival rate can reach 97%

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